respects human.

STC acts and changes and prepares tomorrow.

STC, a company who makes the future, is preparing a new world for the mankind.

STC is going to serve the society and mankind with a humble mind, based on the newly Elicited Pluripotent Stem Cells without side effects(nEPS) which will allow a new phase of history and grant a new paradigm in the 21st century.

Established in 1989 and now facing 31th anniversary, STC, as a global premier company, is achieving an eye-opening result with top class stem cell technology and energy water, with a vocation of contribution to mankind. Our efforts have opened a way to contribute to human health such as life elongation and anti-aging. Also, the vocation that we are taking the initiative in improving the quality of life and human health through agriculture science study such as increase of crop yield, improvement of the Earth environment, and cell activation of animals and plants is motivating all of our employees to move forward continuously. In addition, we are going to provide a new joy to consumers through skin science cosmetics and food supplement which are developed by stem cell and energy water technology.

STC is making the new future and growing to be a customer-oriented company based on vocations and historical consciousness. Thank you very much for your great attention and strong support

Kye Ho Lee

“We are working hard night and day to grow competitiveness with a belief that a company exists for the nation, and furthermore, for the mankind and for the future”
– November, 2013

“Future is not to predict but to make”

– January, 2014

“A new trend can be created when a creative idea and development coexist and such flow has the power to change the paradigm of an era”

– February, 2014

“Science is about discovery. It would be arrogant of men to assume he can manipulate the nature and side effects will follow suit as a consequence. With such a belief that an answer lies in nature, we became to focus on the natural compound while developing a pluripotent stem cell from our cells”

– July, 2015