Business Principles

Organization of Trust STC

As the world class life science, STC keeps its own promise as well as receives social trust. STC dreams a healthy and happy future for mankind based on life science technology, and thus is growing to be a Global Top 10 company through continuous R&D studies and globalization of the company brands. STC proudly observes all social laws and guidelines, and conducts itself to the following management guidelines to perform its duty as a corporation.

Business principles

“Respect one’s character”

STC respects customer, human and company.

“Change one’s behavior”

STC acts first and changes at the same time.

“Prepare tomorrow”

STC does not predict tomorrow but makes it through acting.

Righteous management

honest, respectful of human being, trustful and honorable

Open management

transparent management

Smile management

Soft and active company

Customer satisfaction management

Management of the customer, by customer and for the customer

Digital management

All work is based on numbers and an approval is done electronically.

Responsible management

One takes 100% responsibility for one’s own work from A to Z.