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Gene Research Center is developing products for anti-aging, anti-obesity and adult diseases prevention and treatment by revealing secrets of mysterious human genes

What is p62 gene?

It is a master gene that controls genes related to apoptosis due to active oxygen and the outbreak of core disease including cancer, metabolic and degenerative diseases.
Urgent agenda facing the healthcare professionals in this ageing society lies in the increase of geriatric diseases. This is partly caused by oxidative stress which causes clusters of abnormal protein aggregates that leads to degenerative diseases including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases. p62 is responsible for breaking down such abnormal proteins generated as a cause of such oxidative stress.


Mechanism of p62 gene

A mouse without p62 will demonstrate more rapid ageing than other mice. As a gene that controls transmission of signals within the cells, p62 will fuse with the proteins responsible for dissolution of unnecessary proteins after its use to ultimately break down. P62 is also responsible for the process of breaking down proteins with abnormal structures, generated by misfolding of proteins within the cells as a cause of oxidation stress from elements such as active oxygen.


Research & Development using p62 gene

STC Gene Research Center is currently developing medicines and gene therapy to control p62 and with this aims, anticipates diagnosing and further treating various adult, geriatric, degenerative and neurological diseases. STC has already secured worldwide patents for p62 and this will provide another source of revenue for future research and commercialization of p62 gene.