“We are making all organs and tissues of human”

STC, established in 1989 with the mission of ‘contributing to the mankind by developing cell medicine with a righteous mind’, is making young 120 years, healthy 140 years through stem cell study, new medicine study, agriculture life science study, gene study, cosmetic study with Life science R&D Center.

STC, dreaming of mankind’s health and happy future, has successfully differentiated newly Elicited Pluripotent Stem Cells without side effects(nEPS) into hepatocyte, a pancreatic beta cell, neurocyte, osteoblast, chondrocyte and an adipocyte, and based on these, is making all organs and tissues of human.

Also, STC is trying to achieve development of disease-proof agricultural and stockbreeding products, storage and distribution of fresh crops, resolving famine through increase of crop yield and improvement of the Earth environment by using Energy Water.

This is STC’s belief to contribute to the mankind by making the future and opening a new world.

STC leads the right scientific culture.
STC aims to be World Top 10 company.

World class life science company

– World class life science core technology possessed
– STC, a global company who takes responsibility for mankind’s health and happiness.

Globalization of life science company, STC brands

– Globalization of life science company, STC brands
– Cutting edge life science technology possessed and continuous release
– Expansion of life, new drug, agriculture and environment-related businesses

Establishment of infrastructure, expansion of R&D facility as a global life science company

– Research and manufacturing of cosmetics, household items, functional food, and quasi-drugs
– Aesthetics shops, pharmacy, clinic cosmetics and ordinary cosmetics
– (Skin care, make-up) research and manufacturing
– Study of Korea and USA’s skin science technology