Life Science R&D Center

Aided by cutting edge skin science technology, Life Science R&D Center is studying skin physiology and developing high functional cosmetics, multifunctional cosmetics, formation by nano technology, and anti-aging studies and its products.
The details are as follows:

Formulation study

1) Development of basic skin care, make-up products
2) New formulation study of liquid structure using natural lecithin
3) DDS formulation development to deliver active ingredients to the dermal layers
4) Stability study of active ingredients using encapsulation
5) Study of cosmetics by new functional ingredients
6) Study of new products using latest technology such as NT, BT and IT


Effectiveness evaluation

1) Study of preservative system
2) Effectiveness evaluation study – scientific management which involves skin assessment such as cell toxicity, cell proliferation, antibacterial effect, whitening effect, wrinkle improvement etc.


ICID : International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary & Handbook registration

1) Energy Water
2) STC KC-60(Diospyros Kaki Calyx Extract)
3) STC-hCSM(Human Stem Cell Conditioned Media)
4) Substance-p


Food supplement

STC offers various and specialized food supplements, including 9 food supplements passed FDA stability tests, to domestic and overseas consumers.