New Drug Research & Development Center

Using cutting edge life science technology, the New Drug Research & Development Center is developing new drugs using natural materials, environment-friendly functional products and technology for industrial use
Fields of studies include the following :

Developing next generation antitumor agents


Developing cure to treat dementia

Stop acetylcholine esterase, prevention, cohesion and activation of beta-amyloid, prevention or treatment of dementia and improvement of cognitive abilities

Improving learning abilities and space perception abilities of animal models with Beta-Amyloid induced dementia to that of average animal group.

Using medicinal plants as core ingredients, the new product ensures safe treatment with least side effects especially compared with chemical drugs.


Studying efficacy of hair growth solutions


Studying cell signaling from antitumor agents

Orally administrable antitumor agent with less nephrotoxicity than cisplatin


Anti-obesity drug (STC2011-f001)

Anti-obesity lead compound using herbal extracts

With proven efficacy in reprogramming adipocytes into preadipocytes.

To promote lipolysis when administered into an adipocyte with high fat concentration


Study of physiological activities of Energy Water