Agricultural Life Science Research Center

Responsibilities of the Agricultural Life Science Research Center lie in the study of environment-friendly agriculture using Energy Water as well as development of functional agricultural products for disease prevention and treatment purposes.
The details are as follows.

Production Research

1) Environment-friendly agricultural studies through production of pesticide free agricultural products
2) Development of the cutting edge plant cultivation process (Automated future farming)
3) Studying Energy Water’s transmission of information, using gene analysis
4) Developing bio-methodology using microorganisms that impede the growth and development of pathogenic bacteria
5) Revealing induced resistance from Energy Water and development of environment friendly diseases prevention and pest control technology


New Products Development

1) Development of Bio Pesticides
2) Studying manufacturing technology of secondary processed food
3) Development of functional agricultural products for the prevention and treatment of diseases
4) Development of high value added bio food using biotechnology
5) Discovery of patents and utilization technology
6) Sponsor of life science marketing and advertisement
7) Conduct national tasks by Science and Technology, Commerce, Industry and Energy
8) Establishment of study direction to lead life science field
9) Control of clinical study, and collaborative or commissioned study
10) Conduct collaborative studies with domestic and overseas research institutes
11) Analysis of research results and effect evaluation

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